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General questions

What is BCF Career?
BCF Career connects jobseekers with employers, provides thousands of CVs, a broad vacancy platform, articles and newsletters to attract the highly educated. And last but not least, job fairs where all this comes together.
Why not benefit from our extensive network and let us do the work for you? With our database containing thousands of jobseekers in Life Sciences, we can help you to reach exactly the talents you need to grow your organisation.

Currently, the BCF Career database contains more than 9,000 CVs, and more than 17,000 people receive our weekly job alert. The BCF Career LinkedIn account is connected with more than 13,000 persons from the Life Sciences.

What is the target group of BCF Career?
BCF Career aims at students, starters and (young) professionals which want to pursue a career in the Life Sciences.

This includes, but is not limited to, people with a background in all different fields of Biology, Chemistry, Food, Agriculture, Medicine & Health, but also to all kinds of positions from R&D, Quality Control, FMCG, Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Business Development and many more. We reach people at all professional stages and from all levels of education (TSE, IVE, BSc, MSc, PhD, postdoc).
Please click here for a detailed list.

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Job board, vacancies & posting

How long will my vacancy be online?
Every vacancy will be online for 60 days from the moment you publish it.

I have found someone for my job vacancy. How do I remove the vacancy before the 60 days are over?
Please send an email to info[at]bcfcareer.com if you want a vacancy to be removed from the job board.

How can I get extra exposure for my job postings?
You have different possibilities to create more visibility for your job posting. You can for example choose to upgrade to a spotlight vacancy, which will be specifically displayed on the BCF Career website; and will also be posted in our LinkedIn group with over 5,500 members.

In addition, we have physical job walls at various of our events. You can have a look here to see how you can have your vacancy displayed on this job wall.

Can I post my vacancy in your LinkedIn groups?
Only if you have a LinkedIn job posting as part of your package for BCF Career Event or if you work together with us on a promotion deal, you can post your vacancy in the LinkedIn group(s) yourself. We will check this and other regular job postings will be deleted from the LinkedIn groups.
In all other cases, you cannot post your vacancy in the BCF Career LinkedIn groups. If you purchase a spotlight vacancy, we will take care of that for you.

What is a spotlight vacancy?
You can choose to generate extra exposure for your vacancy by posting a spotlight vacancy.

Spotlight vacancies are featured for 60 days on the homepage of…

In addition, spotlight vacancies are included in our job alert and shared via our BCF Career LinkedIn group with over 5,500 members. A spotlight vacancy generates more than twice the exposure of a regular vacancy.

I don't have a lot of time. Can you post my vacancy for me?
Yes, we also offer a posting service. In that case, you send us the text + logo and we take care of the rest. You can find the job posting service in the webshop.

What is the job wall?
We print and include vacancies that have been posted on our online job board. With >2,000 registered visitors at BCF Career Event in Utrecht, >1,200 registered visitors at BCF Career Event in Ghent and more than 800 registered visitors at Innovation for Health in Rotterdam, this is the perfect opportunity to generate even more exposure and attract more talents for your organisation! Detailed information, incl. deadlines, can be found here.

What are the deadlines for job postings that I want to be included on the job wall?
Detailed information about the job walls at our events can be found here.

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Job alert

What is the job alert?
Candidates looking for a job can subscribe to our job alert. They can choose to receive new vacancies daily, weekly or monthly directly into their mailbox.

How often is the job alert sent out?
The job alerts are sent out daily, weekly and monthly. Candidates can decide how often they want to receive it.

How many people receive the job alert?
More than 17,000 people are subscribed to the BCF Career job alert.

How often will my vacancy be included in the job alert?
If you post a vacancy, it will be included in the daily, weekly and monthly job alert.

What does including a banner or logo in the job alert mean?
You can choose to include your logo or a banner in the job alert:
• included in daily job alert for 1 month
• included in weekly job alert for 1 month
• included in monthly job alert once

What are the measurements for the banners in the job alert?

your logo + URL

Please send us your logo as high resolution jpeg and we will re-size it for the job alert.

your banner + URL, top position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 425x90.

your banner + URL, bottom position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 425x90.

your banner + URL, right position

Please send us your banner with the measurements 165x200.

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Can I search for candidates myself?
Yes, you can order a subscription to our CV-database with over 9,000 CVs from people in Life Sciences via our webshop. If you, for example, are only looking for a single candidate, you can order 2 months access. If you are looking for candidates regularly, you can order a subscription for a year. You can also choose to order database access as an upgrade to your job posting. Your access will then be synchronised to the publication of the vacancy.
Before you decide whether or not you want access to the CV-database, you can see how many candidates there are in the database that fit your desired profile. You can access the database without names and contact details via this page.

If I buy a CV-database subscription, from when on is it active?
If you pay online, you will have direct access to the CV-database. If you decide to pay by invoice, we will send you the invoice via email together with your log in details (if you don't have them already) and ask you, when you want your subscription to be active.

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Employer branding

Can I make people aware of my company in other ways than posting job vacancies?
We have different options for employer branding. These include:
• Company profile online and in the BCF Career Guide (printed)
• Spotlight employer
• Banner in job alert
• Online advert

What is an advert on bcfcareer.nl? Where will it be displayed?
There are two adverts on all our webpages (BCFjobs, BCF Career Event, BCF Courses). You can include for example your logo, a slogan or incentive, and a link of your choice. Follow these instructions.

What is the BCF Career Guide?
BCF Career wants to support job seekers and professionals in Life Sciences throughout the year and via different channels. Our platform BCF Insights is written for and by professionals from the sector. In addition, we choose the best articles and publish them twice a year in the printed BCF Career Guides in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Besides articles and practical tips, the guide also includes a list with organisations' profiles and more. You can download the last editions from the Netherlands and Belgium here. Are you enthusiastic about sharing your job experience, insights and advice with the Life Sciences community in an article? Please contact the BCF Career team at info[at]bcfcareer.com. 

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Specials for start-ups and scale-ups

Do you have special packages for small companies?
Since we want to support young and small companies, we have special deals for start-ups and scale-ups. You can find detailed information here.

What is the BCF Scale-up Award?
In order to give visibility to scale-up companies as interesting employers in the Life Sciences sector, BCF has initiated the BCF Scale-up Award.
Do you have the potential to be the most promising and/or best-growing start-up or scale-up in the Life Sciences sector in the Netherlands? Then click here to find out more and how to apply!


BCF Career Event

What is BCF Career Event?
BCF Career Event is the largest career event for job seekers in the Life Sciences in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

When does BCF Career Event take place?
• BCF Career Belgium takes place in November, the next edition is on 14 November 2019 in Ghent ICC.
• BCF Career Event Netherlands takes place in May, the next edition is on 14 May 2020 in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.
• BCF Career Event WeST takes place in November, the next edition is on 20 November in Hogeschool Leiden.

How many visitors are there at BCF Career Event?
We usually have about 2,000 registered visitors in the Netherlands and about 1,200 registered visitors in Belgium. For BCF Career Event WeSt we expect approx. 300-400 visitors.

Why should my company participate at BCF Career Event?
You can participate with different kinds of packages and booths at BCF Career Event. By participating, you ...

> ...strengthen your image as employer
No other event brings together as many highly educated talents in Life Sciences as BCF Career Event. The event is perfectly suited to generate exposure and to strengthen your employer brand.

> ...recruit talent for your organisation
On the career fair you will meet candidates who are directly available for your vacancies. Through personal contact you will quickly get a good first impression, saving you much time in the recruitment and selection procedure.

> ...build and maintain your network
BCF Career Event offers you the opportunity to expand your network in the sector; not only amongst job seekers, but also many associations, networking organisations, recruitment agencies and other employers.

Which packages are there for BCF Career Event?
Please request the participation brochure here.

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BCF Courses

What courses do we offer?
We offer different courses on the academic track and BioBusiness track. You can find the exact dates and events in the event calender. Are you interested in sponsoring sessions or other opportunities? Contact us via info[at]bcfcareer.com.

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