BCF Scale-up Award 2019

And the winner is NTrans Technologies! Congratulations!

BCF Career invited start-ups and scale-ups to tell us their ambitions and how they plan to grow and scale-up in the near future. From all entries, we made a pre-selection which you can read below.
At BCF Career Event, the three finalists gave a pitch presentation, after which the audience (YOU!) could vote for your favourite. Thank you for helping us determine the first BCF Scale-up Award winner!

Find more information and links to the company websites below.

12.15 - 13.00
session room 217

Moderator: Diederik Grootendorst, representative Young Innovators of Medicines


MIMETAS - the organ-on-a-chip company

Founded in 2013 | Number of employees: 100

MIMETAS is a leader in the rapidly developing organ-on-a-chip field. We produce 3 tissue models using organ-on-a-chip technology for drug development and market organ-on-a-chip products. We support pharmaceutical companies in making better medicines by offering them fully human, 3-dimensional tissue models that capture crucial aspects of disease in real microtissues. MIMETAS works for 60% of the global pharma and has many academic customers. We have a rapidly growing, young and multi-talented team of biologists and engineers with about 50-50 men and women. In 2018, we secured a €16.5m investment round to finance further growth of the company. MIMETAS' OrganoPlate® enables testing of compounds in any throughput on miniaturised organ models. This unique microfluidic platform supports 3D cell culture under continuous perfusion, membrane-free co-culture, and boundary and gradient formation, thus mimicking tissues and organs. The OrganoPlate® is perfectly suitable for use in high-throughput screening and is implemented in automated pipelines by customers as well as in-house.

Speaker: Dorota Kurek

Dorota Kurek

Senior Scientist

NTrans Technologies

NTrans Technologies at BCF Career Event

Founded in 2015 | Number of employees: 7 FTE

NTrans Technologies was founded on the basis of a proprietary technology for the intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules developed at the Hubrecht Institute, called iTOP Technology. NTrans is developing the iTOP Technology for gene-editing in ex vivo applications like T-cells and stem cells. Also, NTrans has developed methods that are based on iTOP and gene-editing to repair DNA in vivo, with the aim to further develop the technology into therapies that can treat inheritable diseases.
In the past 3 years, NTrans has developed the iTOP for both ex vivo and in vivo applications. This was possible through various grants for non-dilutive funding (like STW-VFF, EFRO-KvW and H2020), involvement in the RegMedXB programme and collaboration with the Hubrecht Institute based on two so-called TKI- programme grants.
In a next phase, NTrans is looking for investors or collaborators to develop the iTOP-mediated gene-editing method towards its first in human study for its lead candidate. We have the ambition to double or triple our workforce in the coming two years.

Speaker: Marco de Boer



SkylineDx at BCF Career Event

Founded in 2013 | Number of employees: 39

SkylineDx is a molecular diagnostics company that discovers, optimizes and develops diagnostic tests based on (cancer) genetics for personalized treatment strategies. At this moment our efforts are focused on blood and skin cancer, but our pipeline is expanding to other disease areas.
We want the best performing, most robust and laboratory standardized tests. To achieve this, our scientists, bioinformaticians, laboratory and IT specialists, experienced quality control, regulatory affairs and market access professionals work together on a daily basis. They do this because, if you want to make a diagnostic available for every patient, you will not only need a marketable validated product but also be included in guidelines and make sure the test is reimbursed.
This year, everything is lining up for us. We hired an amazing team of eager and smart Life Science professionals to have our skin cancer test on the market in under two years. Our pipeline is growing, and we keep searching for talented Life Science starters and professionals to offer them the best of both worlds: a career at an innovative commercial biotech company whilst in close collaboration with the academic environment.

Speaker: Marieke Spaan

Marieke Spaan

Manager Corporate Affairs

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