Career Orientation & Enhancement (CORE) online training


Are you a student (Bachelor or Master) or doing your PhD or Postdoc in Life Sciences and would you like to learn which career opportunities there are, how to succesfully apply for jobs and hot to improve your personal effectiveness & professional skills? 

From our experience we know that many of you struggle to get a good overview of your career options in industry and find a suitable job after your graduation or promotion.
2021 is undoubtedly not going to be any easier for starters & young professionals to find their path with career fairs being cancelled or postponed, career centers closed or wirht baglogs, networking and hearing about other people’s experience first-hand being almost impossible today.

To counter these limitations, gather the information to help you make the right decision, and gain expert insights from the comfort of your home, we have launched a series of live online trainings on Career Orientation & Enhancement (CORE). It is not mandatory to attend module 1 to register for module 2: these are all independent and you can participate in the one(s) matching your needs.

Module 1 – Focus: Finding your Career Path

Upcoming module: 7 April 2021
Are you wondering which job positions and titles best suit your personality and aspirations? This is the training for you!
Registration will open soon. Click on the link below to read more!

Module 2 – Focus: Job Search and Application

Date: 9 June 2021
Looking for advice & tips for searching and applying for jobs in the corona era? This is the training for you!
Registration will open soon. Click on the link below to read more!

Module 3 - Focus: Personal Effectiveness & Succeeding in Industry

Date: 13 October 2021
In academia you learn many diverse skills and become a content matter expert. However working in industry requires an additional range of skills that you often don’t learn in the academic arena.
Are you looking to improve your efficiency and thus ensure a successful start in your industry role? This is the training for you!
Registration will open soon.. Click on the link below to read more!


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