Career path - Consultant Industrial Safety

Marte Sveistrup

Marte Sveistrup

Job title: Consultant Industrial Safety
Company: Sweco
Time in this position: < 6 months
Highest level of education: master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. The results of our work are sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to clean water. With 15,000 employees in Northern Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every project. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. In every design and project, safety is always an important topic. My role is to give advice and support performing risk studies on different topics, for example: process safety, explosion safety and human safety.

How did you encounter this job?
From a former fellow student I heard about the company and the company contacted me to see if I was a good fit to collaborate with the safety team on the Industrial department.

Can you tell a little bit about the application process you went through?
Several interviews with the managers.

What was challenging for you when you started in this position?
From coming from an industrial company to an engineering consultancy, the daily work was quite different. Whereas in a chemical plant daily business is sometimes leading, starting my new job in consultancy gives a different dynamic. 

What are your tips for job seekers?
Use your network and try to find a job that gives you energy and not necessarily a job that fits exactly your profile on basis of your study background. It is more important to find something you like and therefore probably are also good at than to fit expectations. 

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