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argenx combines the diversity of the llama immune system with antibody engineering advancing a clinical pipeline to treat patients with cancer and severe autoimmune diseases. Our platforms allow us to unlock novel and complex targets and develop antibody-based drugs designed for greater efficacy and longer duration of effect.

About Christophe Blanchetot

Starting as Senior scientist at argenx, I grew with the company and I am now Director of Discovery at argenx, where I support and supervise the discovery activities within argenx and with external collaborators..

After 8 years of postdoctoral fellowship in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Montreal (McGill, Canada) and back in Utrecht, supported by prestigious funding like HFSP and Marie-Curie, I gained a very broad experience working with academia and industry. In 2008, I participated in the creation of argenx (biotechnology company dedicated to bring immunotherapies to treat patients with cancer and severe autoimmune diseases using its conventional SIMPLE Antibody™ discovery Platform based on the powerful llama immune system llama) where I could use my broad expertise in molecular biology and immunology to implement most of the techniques still in place today in argenx.

Following most on my university study in Paris (P&M Curie, Paris VI), I completed a PhD in Molecular & cellular Biology from the Utrecht University in The Netherlands in 2000.

Christophe Blanchetot

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