The disruptive business model of miDiagnostics, a next-generation diagnostic platform

The diagnostic landscape is drastically changing. While labs are able to quickly and efficiently perform routine analyses, getting samples there remains time-consuming, costly and cumbersome. In other situations, e.g. in the developing world, building and maintaining state-of-the-art lab infrastructure is challenging. Point-of-care testing aims to fulfil these growing needs but is often limited in available test complexity or in the ability to have tests that can be truly performed anytime and anywhere. miDiagnostics is developing a next-generation diagnostic platform based on a silicon nanofluidic processor. It hereby enables the full integration of (blood) sample preparation allowing for true near-patient testing.

Leander Van Neste

About Leander Van Neste

Vice President Scientific & Clinical Affairs, miDiagnostics
Dr. Leander Van Neste is vice president of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at miDiagnostics, aiming to productize complex diagnostic assays for near-patient testing. He has a background in the academic and private sector, with experience in medical diagnostics. He held academic positions at Ghent and Maastricht University where he taught R&D for diagnostics, epigenetics, and bioinformatics and researched cancer epigenetics. Leander holds a master’s degree in Bio-Engineering and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from Ghent University in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. He successfully developed and launched several molecular biomarker assays at MDxHealth, mainly in the prostate cancer field.

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