Science rocks. The 'science' dream is alive.

It’s true we face global challenges including those related to health and climate change. There is a lot of fear for the unknown of new ground-breaking technologies and innovative medicines. Modern healthcare is definitely at a crossroads. How to surf the right wave to allow for this new health paradigm, to make the shift from sick care to health care? Are we at an all-time low or does the future belong to those who invest in sustainable solutions? Tineke is convinced the ‘science’ dream is alive. She takes you on a trip to broaden your horizon and to achieve your full potential as agents of change for a sustainable world. There is a plan B. Science rocks.

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About Tineke Van hooland

Tineke Van hooland is founder and CEO of Epic 10, a boutique consulting firm specialised in External Affairs in Life Sciences. She is also Deputy Secretary General at, the Belgian federation of companies active in life sciences & biotechnologies, part of essenscia. She graduated with High Distinction as Industrial Pharmacist from Ghent University and has held several mandates and leadership positions in biopharmaceutical companies at corporate level over the past 16 years. She is known for her dynamic and no-nonsense approach. Tineke is also a female leadership advocate and has authored a number of opinion pieces on sustainable health policy and empowering women.
Her motto ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” (Emerson)

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