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Get inspired by a true business leader! In this intimate session Wietse Mulder, CEO of GenDX, will share with you his perspective on the Life Sciences industry, his own career path and his experiences with GenDX. However… Wietse will not be the only one doing the talking: during this session you will have the time and opportunity to ask questions and initiate a meaningful conversation.

Would you like to end your day at BCF Career Event with a unique session with Wietse Mulder and profit from the exclusive opportunity to connect with the CEO – up-close-and-personal? Join and connect with the CEO!

Because of the exclusive nature of this session and the costs for drinks, you need to pay a small participation fee (€10) to join this unique session.

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Wietse Mulder
Wietse Mulder


14.20 - 15.30
session room 116

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About Wietse Mulder

CEO, GenDx
Wietse Mulder (1962) has ample experiences in both scientific research as well as commercialization of it. He has extensive knowledge about a diverse set of genetic (screening) tests, which he obtained during his study of Molecular Biology in Utrecht, his PhD research at the University of Amsterdam and a post-doc at the University of Wageningen. In 1995, he started as an account manager at a Dutch distributor gaining an expert status on application-driven sales of products for molecular bioresearch. He is co-founder of GenDx (2005) and a few other companies, including GenDx Products Inc. based in Chicago Illinois, USA. He mentors other start-ups like Core Life Analytics.
GenDx supports diagnostic laboratories with the newest technologies for high resolution HLA typing by Next Generation Sequencing strategies and Chimerism monitoring, tailored to enhance the outcome of transplantation.
In GenDx we believe that progress can be best achieved through partnerships but also by keeping our independent position and a strong focus on education of the end-users.
The close-knit management team aims to create a working atmosphere with ample room for personal development, job satisfaction and a transparent way of communication. At the moment GenDx has about 60 employees.

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