How to ace a (BCF) Career Event

To help you get the most out of your visit to Career Events, we’ve written a guide, this one is based on our own BCF Career Event, but really the advice is applicable anywhere. This article gives you some useful tips on how to have a well-rounded visit to a Career Event. There are many things you can spend time on, from visiting lectures and speaking with potential employers to CV-checks and career advice. Read on to learn where to guide your attention and when.

Find your purpose

How to ace at a career event

Are you a student interested in future career options?
You will certainly benefit from attending company presentations. Also, why not talk to a selection of employers to help you get a clear view of the job market. Do not forget to visit the Q&A professionals to get insight into what their jobs entail. This will help prepare you for jumping into the job market once you have graduated. This article can help you prepare for such a talk.

Are you looking for your first job?
Be sure to visit the CV-checks and let the BCF photographer take a good headshot if you don’t already have one. Also talk to the career coaches, they will help you gain a better understanding of what you are searching for. Don’t forget to join workshops on job applications and pitching, so you know how to make a good first impression.

Maybe you have completed your PhD and are contemplating your next step?
How about joining the panel discussion ‘Academia versus Industry’, where professionals discuss their career choices for academia or industry. You will have the opportunity to ask them questions and learn from their professional experience. Also visit the career coaches and talk to employers to find out more about working in industry. You can also have a look at this article to get a first idea about career planning.

Are you already a professional and interested in advancing your career?
Talk to a career coach, and be sure to speak to lots of employers to extend your network and get an idea of the opportunities open to you. If you think networking is not your strongest point, have a look at this article. Maybe some informational interviews can help you learn more about other people's tasks, responsibilities and ideas?

Do not let your personality stop you

You can visit BCF Career Event well prepared, since almost all the information is available online. Or you may decide to take a chance and play it by ear. Either way is fine, just as long as it suits your needs. However, there are some things you should consider. Take an honest look at your own personality

Are you shy and do you find it difficult to strike up conversation? This might hinder you in getting to know employers, but do not be afraid to talk to them! Our advice is to make a list of employers you want to speak to, be courageous for a few seconds, break the barrier and strike up a conversation. After those first few words the conversation will flow from there, feel free to ask questions, they are there to answer them! It feels safer to be in the lectures, and they are very interesting, however if you want to have a well-rounded BCF experience, it is really important to combine your preferred lectures with speaking to employers and other professionals. You can use this article as a start to strengthen your networking skills. If you are an introvert, this article might be for you.

Do you speak freely with everyone? Then you won’t find striking up conversation difficult, however being too extroverted can also be problematic. For extroverts it is important to realise not to waste time chatting with unsuitable employers. Make some time in advance of the event, or in a quiet moment and select the employers you really want to speak to. Go and see these employers first and ask relevant questions. So whether you are an extrovert starter or a shy professional, everyone will benefit from taking a moment to think about what you want to achieve at BCF Career Event and how to get the most out of it. Good luck, and have fun!


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